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Two all-beef patties, you know the rest.

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Low Country Community

8th Annual McDonald's Choir Showcase

It's a new season of song and praise with the official launch of the 2015 McDonald's Choir Showcase. This event is designed to focus public attention on the expression of faith through music and song as performed by talented local church gospel choirs, praise & worship teams, and Christian contemporary groups.

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Fries Art Contest.

Make something cool using our world famous fries, take a pic and Tweet it with the hashtag #HallofFries to display your masterpiece for the world to see. We'll be sure to share it with all the other french fries fanatics out there!

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Let us freshen your feed.

“I love you” has 8 letters, and “Mozzarella” has 10 so close enough #MozzarellaSticks